Monday, December 7, 2015


     We are a fourth of the way through the season and the Celtics currently stand at 11-9, projecting out a 45-37 record. This would make for progress over last year.

     Early, they have already made strides which show an upward trend. They have picked up their defense, holding opponents to 98 points per game, 3+ points better than last year. They have also improved offensively both in points per game and their offensive rating. Even in their pace of play they have improved. However, these improvements are marginal.

     The biggest concern I have over the first twenty games is their inconsistency. They are the proverbial Jekyll and Hyde. The statistics confirm this, in their 11 wins and 9 losses, averaging double digits whether they win or lose.

     They're identity should be defense all the time. Although, when the C's get a lead, they tend to relax on the defensive side of the ball and get careless on the offensive side of the ball. I have bad news folks, these guys are not talented enough to take possessions off. What makes them who they are is the sum of their parts.

    The Celtics are not an isolation team. They need to move the ball and move it often. They need to play fundamental basketball for forty-eight minutes. Turnovers have been a huge issue in losses. The reason for their wins is in most part, suffocating defense and draining the three.

     Right now, their play is good enough for 10th place in the Eastern Conference which gets them a seat at the lottery. At the same time, they're one game out of first place in the Atlantic.

     I need to see more of Jekyll and less of Hyde.